Full stack website design, development, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.

The term website development encompasses a vast array of skills and talents. It takes a team of specialists to create a well-designed and functional website that showcases your business and provides your customers with a great experience. Most business owners do not have the time or knowledge that it takes to run their business AND be a web developer. This is where Tech Cantina comes in.

We provide full stack website design, development, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.

Empowering individuals and businesses since 2003, WordPress stands as a cornerstone in website development. Its user-friendly content management system offers customizable themes, a rich plugin ecosystem, and an intuitive interface. Whether for blogs, e-commerce, or corporate sites, WordPress excels, supported by an open-source architecture fostering continuous enhancement. Choose WordPress for unparalleled scalability, adaptability, and a professional online presence.

Here are 5 examples of very robust WordPress websites:

  1. Zillow.com
  2. The Sun 
  3. The Walt Disney Company
  4. The New York Times
  5. The White House

When you build a site with WordPress, you are creating a workspace that is very capable of presenting your content to the world. Once the site is designed, created, and published, the WordPress CMS takes care of the technical aspects of the site. This makes it possible for users to manage content without having to worry about most technical details.


The two flavors of WordPress

Explore two WordPress options: WordPress.com, a subscription-based platform with customization limitations, and WordPress.org, the open-source CMS powering 35% of websites. While WordPress.com may pose challenges for migration, WordPress.org is free, downloadable, and customizable. Building a WordPress.org site requires a domain, hosting, and skills. Trust our expertise for design, development, and hosting of WordPress.org websites.

You Own It (portability/no subscription fee)

Enjoy full ownership of your WordPress website, allowing seamless relocation, modification, and continuous enhancement. Your content is exclusively yours, granting the flexibility to disseminate information as you see fit. In contrast, platforms like WIX, Square, and Shopify impose vendor lock-in and monthly subscription charges. Hosting with Tech Cantina provides tailored solutions, aligning with your needs and budget, facilitating site expansion and content management at your discretion.

Web Dev Laptop

Responsive Design/Mobile First

Prioritizing responsive design, particularly with a mobile-first perspective, is vital in today's digital landscape. With a majority of online searches coming from mobile users, it's imperative for websites to cater to this audience. In Q4 2021, 63% of searches occurred on mobile devices, emphasizing the need for mobile-friendly websites. WordPress, known for its responsive design capabilities, dynamically adjusts website appearance based on the user's device, ensuring an optimal user experience. Adopt responsive design on WordPress to stay relevant in the mobile-centric digital era.


WordPress stands as a versatile framework with a clever plugin model, enhancing its capabilities. A multitude of plugins, covering eCommerce, contact forms, email list integration (Mail Chimp™ or Constant Contact™), security measures, and image optimization, are available. The extensive WordPress plugin library boasts over 59,000 free plugins, continually expanding. Its open-source nature allows complete customization to align with unique specifications. Our WordPress development proficiency stems from leveraging these advantages, ensuring your website is a digital masterpiece. Our comprehensive services include hosting and maintenance packages, maximizing your investment's potential.


SEO Benefits of WordPress

WordPress effortlessly aligns with SEO strategies, providing a robust foundation for superior search engine visibility. Its clean and organized code promotes efficient content indexing, increasing the likelihood of your site appearing prominently in search results. The user-friendly environment facilitates the maintenance of focused and relevant content. Leveraging keyword research within WordPress ensures strategic keyword incorporation, enhancing your site's SEO performance. With its inherently SEO-friendly architecture, WordPress serves as a powerful ally for boosting online visibility and search engine rankings.


WordPress presents a no-code solution for quick website setup, allowing users without coding skills to effortlessly create a professional site. While basic setups are code-free, more complex styles or functionalities may require custom coding. Our extensive custom resources ensure accurate information delivery to your audience. With WordPress driving over 68 percent of CMS-driven websites and 1.1 million new registrations every six months, it remains a preferred choice, offering a seamless, no-code environment for building and maintaining diverse online platforms.


Hosting and Maintenance

Safeguard your digital investment with our WordPress Managed Hosting and Maintenance plans at Tech Cantina. Regular maintenance, including CMS updates and backups, is crucial for security. Neglecting updates can expose your site to vulnerabilities and malware. Our services prioritize WordPress-specific maintenance, ensuring your site resides on secure and updated servers. Unlike shared hosting, we fortify your online presence by hosting only secure WordPress sites, protecting against potential threats.

Website Packages

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative voyage towards improved sales and effortless website hosting? In today's digital landscape, where a skillfully crafted website holds the key to augmenting your ROI and elevating conversions, our committed team is poised to provide you with three distinct and comprehensive website design packages. Each package has been meticulously tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether it be optimizing local SEO, delivering secure hosting solutions, or delving into the versatile and user-friendly realm of WordPress web design. Through our expertise, your online presence will evolve into a formidable asset, effectively converting visitors into loyal customers. Discover our array of packages and begin your journey toward a WordPress website that establishes unparalleled benchmarks in functionality and aesthetics.

As a Service Flat Rate

Template-Based Website
starting at

$ 300/mo$3500
  • Customizable pre-designed templates to choose from
  • Basic on-page SEO setup (title tags, meta descriptions, etc.)
  • Mobile-responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices
  • Integration of essential plugins for security and performance
  • User-friendly content management system for easy updates
  • Contact form and basic social media integration
  • Limited support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Advanced security measures and regular backups
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring
  • Rapid deployment

Custom Website
starting at

$ 650/mo$ 6500
  • Fully customized website design based on client's brand and preferences
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO with keyword research and optimization
  • Enhanced performance optimization for faster loading times
  • Advanced security measures and regular backups
  • Integration of essential plugins for enhanced functionality (e.g., forms, galleries)
  • Social media integration and sharing options for increased engagement
  • Training sessions to familiarize clients with website management
  • Priority support for quick issue resolution
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring

Comprehensive Custom Website
starting at

$ 800/mo$ 8500
  • Completely bespoke website design tailored to the client's unique requirements
  • Advanced SEO strategies, including content optimization and backlink analysis
  • Top-tier hosting for superior speed and reliability
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring
  • E-commerce functionality with payment gateway integration
  • Advanced analytics tracking for insightful data-driven decisions
  • Seamless third-party software integrations for specific business needs
  • Priority support for quick issue resolution
  • Integration of essential plugins for enhanced functionality (e.g., forms, galleries)
  • Social media integration and sharing options for increased engagement
  • Training sessions to familiarize clients with website management

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