Full stack website development, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.

Web Development

The term website development encompasses a vast array of skills and talents. It takes a team of specialists to create a well designed and functional website that showcases your business and provides your customers a great experience. Most business owners do not have the time or knowledge that it takes to run their business AND be a web developer. This is where Tech Cantina comes in.

We provide full stack website development, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.

WordPress is the best and biggest example of a class of software called content management systems (CMS). A CMS provides a framework around which you can build a website. Some are very complicated and some are very simple. With most software, the more flexibility you desire will equal more complexity. WordPress is different. It has the capability of creating sites ranging from the smallest one-page site up to a multi-thousand-page site capable of serving thousands of visitors a day.

Here are 5 examples of very robust WordPress websites:

  1. Zillow.com
  2. The Sun 
  3. The Walt Disney Company
  4. The New York Times
  5. The White House

When you build a site with WordPress, you are creating a workspace that is very capable of presenting your content to the world. Once the site is designed, created, and published, the WordPress CMS takes care of the technical aspects of the site. This makes it possible for users to manage content without having to worry about most technical details.


Website Packages

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative voyage towards improved sales and effortless website hosting? In today's digital landscape, where a skillfully crafted website holds the key to augmenting your ROI and elevating conversions, our committed team is poised to provide you with three distinct and comprehensive website design packages. Each package has been meticulously tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether it be optimizing local SEO, delivering secure hosting solutions, or delving into the versatile and user-friendly realm of WordPress web design. Through our expertise, your online presence will evolve into a formidable asset, effectively converting visitors into esteemed customers. Discover our array of packages and commence a journey towards a WordPress website that establishes unparalleled benchmarks in functionality and aesthetics.

As a service Flat Rate

Template-Based Website
starting at

$ 300/mo$3500
  • Customizable pre-designed templates to choose from
  • Basic on-page SEO setup (title tags, meta descriptions, etc.)
  • Mobile-responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices
  • Integration of essential plugins for security and performance
  • User-friendly content management system for easy updates
  • Contact form and basic social media integration
  • Limited support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Advanced security measures and regular backups
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring
  • Rapid deployment

Custom Website
starting at

$ 650/mo$ 6500
  • Fully customized website design based on client's brand and preferences
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO with keyword research and optimization
  • Enhanced performance optimization for faster loading times
  • Advanced security measures and regular backups
  • Integration of essential plugins for enhanced functionality (e.g., forms, galleries)
  • Social media integration and sharing options for increased engagement
  • Training sessions to familiarize clients with website management
  • Priority support for quick issue resolution
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring

Comprehensive Custom Website
starting at

$ 800/mo$ 8500
  • Completely bespoke website design tailored to the client's unique requirements
  • Advanced SEO strategies, including content optimization and backlink analysis
  • Top-tier hosting for superior speed and reliability
  • Ongoing website maintenance, including updates and security monitoring
  • E-commerce functionality with payment gateway integration
  • Advanced analytics tracking for insightful data-driven decisions
  • Seamless third-party software integrations for specific business needs
  • Priority support for quick issue resolution
  • Integration of essential plugins for enhanced functionality (e.g., forms, galleries)
  • Social media integration and sharing options for increased engagement
  • Training sessions to familiarize clients with website management

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The two flavors of WordPress

WordPress comes in 2 distinct forms. WordPress.com is a subscription site that lets you create, publish, and host a website using a custom and limited version of the WordPress CMS platform. This site is inside of the WordPress server system and cannot be easily moved to external platforms or hosting. WordPress.org is the home of the open-source CMS software that powers upwards of 35 percent of ALL websites on the internet. WordPress is free to download, free to modify, and free to use. All you need is a domain name, hosting of your choice, and some time to learn how to create a site. We specialize in designing, creating, and hosting WordPress.org websites.

You Own It (portability/no subscription fee)

When you build a WordPress website, you own it. All written and visual content that you own on the site is yours. You can move the site, change it to better suit your needs, and improve it continuously. If you find a better way to share information with your customers, you are free to do so.
Other platforms- WIX, Square, Shopify to name a few are examples of tools that create vendor lock-in. If you build a site on one of these platforms and want to migrate it elsewhere, you cannot. Along with the lock-in, you are obligated to pay monthly subscription fees that may or may not meet your hosting needs. Hosting your site on custom hosting such as what Tech Cantina provides, your hosting needs and budget can be tailored to where you need to start and grow as your site content and traffic expands. There is a much more in-depth explanation of this difference available on Design Cantina’s site.

Web Dev Laptop

Responsive Design/Mobile First

The world has changed in the past few years. Mobile users now dominate the search world. In Q4 2021, it was reported that 63 percent of all searches performed were on mobile devices. With Google having a 91.9 percent market share of all searches performed, their rate of search is approximately 8.5 billion searches per day. Making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is critical to giving your customers the access to your business they need. Websites that dynamically change appearance to match the device in use are termed responsive. WordPress is very good at determining device types and providing the tools to allow a site to give the best presentation possible regardless of device.


WordPress is a basic framework that is built around a plugin model to add functionality. There are many types of plugins available:

  1. eCommerce-Shopping Carts
  2. Contact Forms
  3. Email list connections- think Mail Chimp™ or Constant Contact™
  4. Security and spam protection
  5. Image management and optimization

In fact, at the time of this writing, there are more than 59,000 free plugins available in the WordPress plugin library. And, because WordPress is completely open-source and free to use, you can have it customized to fit your exact needs.

We develop in WordPress to take advantage of the reasons above. Our experience and capabilities with the platform ensure that the site your visitors need is the site that you deliver. And, after we design and develop your site, we offer hosting and maintenance to keep your investment running at the top of its form.


SEO Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is designed for SEO from the ground up. The code is clean and organized, making it easy for search engines to understand and index your content. This helps your site's content show up in search results more often, and makes it more likely to be relevant to users' queries. As you develop your site, keep your content focused and relevant, and use keyword research to help you choose effective keywords.


It is possible to set up a WordPress site without writing a line of code. However, as sites become more complex, additional styles and functionality may require custom coding. Our full custom resources ensure that you give your customers the precise information they need.

If you're looking to build and maintain a website, WordPress is a great option. Over 68 percent of websites using a content management system (CMS) are powered by WordPress. Additionally, new WordPress-based websites are being registered at a rate of around 1.1 million every six months. Out of the estimated 1.3 billion websites on the internet, WordPress powers a significant portion.


Hosting and Maintenance

All software requires some form of periodic maintenance, security check and backup. Your website is an investment in your business that needs to be maintained, protected, and updated. WordPress makes it possible to keep the CMS framework and plugins supporting your site updated to current versions without affecting any front-end content. Security updates are frequently published that need to be added to each site. Many site owners neglect to update their wordpress core software and additional plugins or themes used to create their site. This exposes the site to security issues and malware. Tech Cantina’s hosting and maintenance plans keep your site updated and on servers with only known secure and updated sites. Other hosting companies' shared hosting plans are possibly less costly per month, but they do not provide any WordPress specific maintenance and may have malware potential through other un-protected WordPress sites.

All Tech Cantina Hosting plans include installation, configuration, and monitoring of the following plugins as needed:
Security, performance caching, performance optimization, email smtp services, anti-spam, maintenance.

Tech Cantina Domain Name Registration and Maintenance

Clients with domains hosted and maintained by Tech Cantina are eligible for domain name registration and annual renewals. All pricing quoted are for standard Top Level Domains starting at $24 dollars a year. Transfers are priced at $20 per domain as a one time cost.

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Digital Marketing


In days past, businesses relied on outbound marketing techniques to connect with customers. This required casting a very wide net to a hopefully receptive group of potential customers who may or may not see or hear your ads. A lot of targeting was best guess or intuition.

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is performed online, on the internet. People have made a significant shift from traditional forms of information consumption (television or newspaper) to online mediums. Along with this shift, marketing companies can now collect a large volume of data that is very specific to the users that are utilizing any one source. This shift has created marketing tools that can be far more specific in targeting users with more information on what they may be searching for.

Businesses have followed these trends with their advertising spend. Local businesses can make marketing materials available to only the local audience. Small businesses with growth aspirations can advertise globally on the same platforms.

There are many, many types of digital marketing. The four current major pillars are:

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM- Social Media Marketing
  • EDM- Email Marketing

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SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a popular marketing discipline that revolves around optimizing a website to increase its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO encompasses a broad spectrum of keywords, backlinks, traffic building strategies, social media presence and website optimization. Companies that build a digital strategy using SEO as a foundation are setting themselves up for success in the marketplace.

SEO centric marketing helps your customers to find the information they need to solve the problem they are researching. “What is the nearest pizza place that has outdoor dining and is pet friendly?” Getting this information placed correctly on your website will cause Google to move your site further up in the results over your competitors. What most people really want is information to help them solve a problem. Dinner suggestions, best dentist, 24 hr plumber- most people turn to the internet first to discover their solution. Our job is to help you provide it to them.

Optimize your website content and provide a fast loading, distraction-free, mobile-friendly experience to your customers. Ensure Google is indexing your website and its content. Outperform your competitors and work on improving your online presence by attracting and converting visitors. Create one or more landing pages that engage visitors and encourage action.

It's no longer good enough to have a website that displays information in a clear and useful manner. Today, businesses that want to attract customers through their websites must present a wealth of content that informs, entertains and educates.


SEM- Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing, Yahoo- They all collect incredible volumes of information on the billions of searches performed every day. SEM is the technique of buying the space at the top of relevant search results for your own ad to display. For example- you search for piano tuning services. If there is a business that has bid on ad space for this keyword, the search engine will place your results at the top of the results page with an AD notation. The more competition for this space, the more expensive the placement. This is an overly simplistic explanation, but majorly accurate.

SMM- Social Media Marketing

Similar to SEM, SMM is the paid placement of ads in social media channels. Similar techniques are employed to target your ads to specific audiences. As people browse through the multitude of social platforms and add their own content, the platforms are mining data on likes, wants, and demographics that they then can use to build very narrow audiences.


EDM- Email Marketing

Everybody uses email. How better to keep in touch with your valued customers than to send them a high-quality, personalized message directly to their email inbox? As businesses operate they have the opportunity to collect their own data on the customers they come in contact with. Whether through a loyalty program, online ordering portal, or simply a signup form on a website, this information can be used to build long-term relationships with repeat customers. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is amortized over the Lifetime Value of a customer. If you can extend the customer relationship across multiple repeat purchases, your CAC can be more easily justified.

Marketing Continuum

Circular process- Research, create, test, implement- repeat.

Customer wants and needs are constantly changing. Some businesses experience this in very short cycles (multiple times a day?) and some are extremely long cycles (Holiday Season?). Regardless, change is the only constant. It is important to understand that any business should be designing a life cycle in which they continually improve their products and services to meet their customers' needs. A well-designed cycle will allow businesses to be prepared for a world that is changing faster than ever before


To stand out, every business needs a digital presence - a website, a blog, a Facebook Page, a LinkedIn Page, etc. But, that is not enough. To stand out from the competition, a business must have a strong digital strategy. What does a strong digital strategy look like? Specifically, it starts with a solid foundation, knowing your customer, and a marketing plan.

All things digital PLUS any local advertising or directories. Some SEO items transcend the typical website SEO materials- Example- Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP). This one item is critical to Google for building trust. If your business has 2 or more different spellings (inc, vs Incorporated) on your website, Yelp, Facebook, AdWords and more you will get more visibility.r
The internet is constantly changing and evolving. There are many ways you can improve your business listing's visibility. In addition to ensuring your listing is accurate and up-to-date, there are other things you can do to increase your chances of being found by your potential customers searching online. A few of these strategies include:

  • Claiming your Google My Business Page (if you don't already have one)
  • Claiming your Yelp page (if you have one)
  • Claiming your Bing Places for Business listing (if you have one)
  • Encouraging your customers to review your business on these sites

Tech Cantina can help you and your business plan, create and implement a digital marketing program. A comprehensive digital marketing presence is one of the costs of entry to today’s business world.

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Additional SEO information can be found on our resources page. We have an in-depth guide to the many types of SEO and a glossary of terms to help inform your next steps.